Straw hammer mill,Corn hammer mill,Poultry feed mill

Straw hammer mill

It is simple structure, safe, dependable, easily mounting and convenient operation, low vibration, high output; It is widely used for grinding granular materials, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, soybean, etc; Steel plate welded structure Motor and rotor are mounted on same base plate; Pin coupling direct connection driving; Rotor passes accurate dynamic balancing test; Safe operation door to ensure it is locked when operation; The inlet is on top of machine for easy operation

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  • Straw hammer mill,Corn hammer mill,Poultry feed mill
  • Straw hammer mill,Corn hammer mill,Poultry feed mill
  • Straw hammer mill,Corn hammer mill,Poultry feed mill
  • Straw hammer mill,Corn hammer mill,Poultry feed mill
Water drop structure, with elegant structure and high grinding efficiency. Directly connected motor, with high driving efficiency and easy maintenance. Maintenance gate is installed by rail structure, which is of simple and convenient operation. Grinding chamber seperation device optional, with high grinding efficiency. U-shape grinding groove at the bottom of grinding chamber, with improvement of grinding efficiency of 50%-80%. Dead Knife optional that can improve the grinding efficiency. Rotor is undertaken dynamic balance test, which can ensure the stable operation and long service time. Rotor rotatng in closewise and anti-closewise direction can prolong the service life og hammers. Screen fix mechianism is equipped with pressing handle, which makes more convenient of replacing of screen. Diameter of screen can be determined according to the technological design. Equipped with inspection and emergent stop device to protect the local worker from any injuries.

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Straw hammer mill,Corn hammer mill,Poultry feed mill,The grains come into the hammer mill through the impeller feed for grinding, the hammers beaters will crush the grains to small pieces, and the small pieces grains will comes out through the screen hole (the hole size will be defined as your requirements, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, etc.). The cyclone and pulse filter and fan etc. ancillary equipment will collect all the powder materials, to confirm that all the grains will be collected, no waste, and keep the workshop clean, with good ventilation and less dust. It is used for grinding raw materials by large and medium, livestock and aqua feed mills. It can also be used for grass and pharmacy fine grinding. The granular raw materials, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, etc. can be grinded. It is derived from tear circle type hammer mill and efficiency can be improved by 45%-90% comparing to universal hammer mill. It can produce qualified aqua feed under full load with φ0.8, φ1.0 screen and reduce jam significantly. Both coarse and fine grinding can be realized without changing screens. The right aspiration can make materials go through screen quickly, reduce temperature of grinding chamber and increase output effectively.
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